Special Issues

Highly appreciating the role and rich experience of guest editors in developing quality articles on a specific topic and advancing the editorial review process, the editorial board of WISDOM initiated the publication of special issues on the topics on which a large number of papers were submitted to the journal. Since 2021 four Special issues are published. 

Vol. 1 No. 1: 2021
Special Issue: Philosophy
of Law
(guest editor: Konstantin
SIGALOV, Doctor of Juridical
Sciences, PhD of Philosophy
Science, professor at the
Chair of Theory of Law and
State of the V. Ya. Kikot
Moscow University of the
Ministry of Internal Affairs
of Russia, Moscow)


Vol. 2 No. 1:2022
Special Issue: Philosophical
Issues of Economics
(guest editors: Artur
ARAKELYAN, Doctor of
Economic Sciences,professor
of the StateUniversity
of Management, Moscow,
Russian Federation, and Yulia
Economic Sciences, Associate
professor ofthe State University
of Management, Moscow,
Russian Federation)


Vol. 3 No. 2: 2022
Special Issue: Philosophy

of Language and Literature
(responsible reviewer: Tigran
MIKAYELYAN, dean of the
faculty of foreign languages
at ASPU)

Vol. 4 No. 3: 2022
Special Issue: Philosophy of

(responsible reviewer:
associate professor of the
Chair of Pedagogy at ASPU,
PhD in Education, deputy
dean for Science and
International Cooperation