On the Relationship Between Thinking and World Language Modeling: Based on Old Armenian Language Materials


  • Lalik Khachatryan Armenian State Pedagogocal University




linguistic determinism, linguistic consciousness, linguistic outlook, maxim, linguistic symbol, language modeling, syntactic model


The analysis of the issues concerning the relationship between thinking and world language modeling showcases that linguistic modelings are at the forefront of the Old Armenian language and regulate the linguistic determinism and linguistic outlook of the society. Examinations of the Old Armenian sentence models and samples reveal that various qualitative manifestations of thinking existed in the 5th century, which are conditioned by the grammatical structure of Old Armenian, and the foreign-language influences. These were displayed both in translated literature and independent bibliographic works.  Linguistic determinism as a synchronous maxim can also bear the stamp of foreign-language influences while deeply preserving the peculiarities of national mentality.


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Author Biography

Lalik Khachatryan, Armenian State Pedagogocal University

Professor of Philology, Head of the Linguistic Laboratory of Kh. Abovyan Armenian State Pedagogical University, Yerevan, Armenia. His research areas: the history of the Armenian language, old Armenian. Scope of scientific interests: historical semantics, general linguistics, the study of loan words, etc. He has published 150 scientific-methodological articles in Armenian and international journals. He is an author of 20 books (monographs, school and university textbooks). His important works are: “Morphological Polysemy  in the Modern Armenian Word Combinations”, “Old Armenian Glossary”, “Introduction to Linguistics”, “Educational Dictionary of Old Armenian”, “History of Armenian Language Course”, “General Linguistics Course”, etc.




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Khachatryan, L. (2019). On the Relationship Between Thinking and World Language Modeling: Based on Old Armenian Language Materials. WISDOM, 12(1), 6–15. https://doi.org/10.24234/wisdom.v12i1.237