The Psycho-Pedagogical Resources And The Quality Of Professional Training Of Students


  • Roman BULAT россия
  • Hafiza BAICHOROVA Military Academy of Logistics-Technical Support



educational activities of the University, the main professional educational programs, professional training, quality management system, adaptive organizational structures, the psychological and pedagogical resources of the University


The scientific search for intra-University potential to improve the quality of training of cadets is based on the improvement of the quality management system of vocational training. Further development is based not on private technical solutions, but on the reengineering of the management system aimed at activating the psychological and pedagogical resources of the University.


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Author Biographies

Roman BULAT, россия

Roman BULAT (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences) is the Associate Professor Head of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology of Extreme Situations Saint-Petersburg University of GPS of EMERCOM of Russia. Him areas of interest include personnel management, quality of education, military pedagogy and psychology, clerical work. R. Bulat is the author of 6 monographs and 117 scientific articles. Recent publications: “Management of personnel in construction", "Unification of the quality management of vocational training in military technical colleges" and "Legal norms and psychological support of personnel management in construction".

Hafiza BAICHOROVA, Military Academy of Logistics-Technical Support

Hafiza BAICHOROVA is lecturer in the Department of foreign and Russian languages Military Technical Institute of Military Academy of Logistics-Technical Support .Her areas of interest include quality of education, military pedagogy and psychology. Khafiza Baychorovais the author of more than 30 scientific publications they are: collective monographs – 2; articles in recommended scientific journals recommended by the HAC – 19. Recent publications: "Pedagogical programme of continuing professional training of foreign military personnel in military-technical university", "Theoretical justification for continuity formation of other language communicative competence to foreign cadets by the concurrent pedagogical management of russian-language educational micro-media", "Assessment technique of the mediated pedagogical management of the russian-speaking educational media microenvironment in the foreign military personnel during their absence".




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