Wisdom Lessons Based on the “Cytokine-Storm” Metaphor


  • Fernand Jozef VANDAMME Babbage Institute for Knowledge and Information Technology




Canon, cytokine-storm, de-cognition, de-communication, expert, metaphor, postmodernism, Protagoras, wisdom


The basic process of covid-19, and especially the kernel of its deadly impact: the cytokine storm, is discussed. A destructive positive feedback is started by messenger cells that become and act blindly for their impact. They become “de-cognitive” and “de-communicative”. Such process of deterioration of messengers is a relevant metaphor to understand and approach some relevant aspects of wisdom in social systems, in economic systems, in political systems…


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Fernand Jozef VANDAMME, Babbage Institute for Knowledge and Information Technology

  • Studied at the University of Gent (Belgium), the University of Harvard (USA), MIT (USA), University of St. Petersburg, University of Moscow.
  • He does research, publishes and teaches in the domains of Epistemology, History of Sciences and Philosophy, Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Document Management.
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Babbage Institute for Knowledge and Information Technology

Leiekaai 25F, 9000 Gent


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