Evolution of Representations About Sexuality as Actualization of Self-Attitude


  • Leonid MOZGOVOY SHEI “Donbas State Pedagogical University”
  • Yuliia BUTKO Donbas State Pedagogical University
  • Vitaliy PAVLOV Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport




man, subject, sexuality, love, pleasure, eroticism, unrequited love, illness


The study analyzed the nature and essence of sexuality as a guarantee of relations between people, providing for the consistent solution of the following tasks: a) to show that it is in the context of this phenomenon that one should look for the focus of a person’s self, its uniqueness; b) determine that the realization of sexuality causes actualization of self-attitude, the result of which is the significant psychophysiological and philosophical changes in the personality.

The realization of sexuality at the first stage of the awareness of the inseparability of love causes oppression of individuality, dissolution of consciousness, a complete subordination of the subject to his feeling and involves a study of the type of “bodily disease”, which progresses and requires treatment. However, the desire for survival introduces the process of “self-medication”, when the subject of unre­quited love, under the influence of “self-care”, namely about his own body, revives his individuality, but at a higher level.


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Author Biographies

Leonid MOZGOVOY, SHEI “Donbas State Pedagogical University”

(Dr. of Science in Philosophy) is Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy, Socio-Political and Legal Sciences, SHEI “Donbas State Pedagogical University”, Sloviansk, Ukraine; Editor in Chief of Journal of Donbas State Pedagogical University Social-Philosophical Problems of Human and Society Development. The scope of his interests covers mystical anthropology, philosophy of Buddhism, philosophy of Taoism, Hermeneutic. Mozgovoyis has authored 4 monographs and 100 scientific articles. Recent publication: “Anthropomistic Constants in the Structure of Worldview”, “Fear of Social Alienation of Love as Gender Characteristics”, “Historical-Philosophical Hermenevtics”, “Spiritual Transgression in Western and Eastern Philosophy”.

Yuliia BUTKO, Donbas State Pedagogical University

(PhD in Philosophy) is Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy, Socio-Political and Legal Sciences, SHEI “Donbas State Pedagogical University”, Sloviansk, Ukraine. Areas of her professional interests cover mystical anthropology, philosophy of Taoism, Hermeneutic. Butko has authored 3 monographs and 30 scientific articles. The recent publications: “Anthropomistic Constants in the Structure of Worldview”, “Historical-Philosophical Hermenevtic”, “Spiritual Transgression in Western and Eastern Philosophy”.

Vitaliy PAVLOV, Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport

(PhD in Philosophy) is the director of Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport. His areas of interest include mysticism, logic, hermeneutics. He is the author of 35 scientific articles. Recent publications: “Metamorphoses in Studies of the History and Typology of Culture by M. Foucault”, “From Structural Linguistics to Semiological Philosophy: Historical and Philosophical Analysis”.


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MOZGOVOY, L., BUTKO, Y., & PAVLOV, V. (2020). Evolution of Representations About Sexuality as Actualization of Self-Attitude. WISDOM, 16(3), 67–76. https://doi.org/10.24234/wisdom.v16i3.385




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