Wisdom and Justice from a Traditional, Artisanal Towards an Applied Scientific Justice


  • Fernard Vandamme ICIWO vzw
  • Filip Muylle VZW




law, wisdom, intelligence, justice, pedagogy, metaphor, enzymes, applied scientific justice, justice-audit, macro auto-immunity, proteolytic actors, dyssocials


Wisdom in its different forms is strongly related to the harmonic use of the different types of intelligence. Wisdom we can observe even on the micro-level of the organism. On the community-macro level the need and the use of wisdom is more clearly present. Nevertheless the wisdom on the micro level is a very interesting heuristic tool too as a metaphor for better understanding the function, use and challenges of wisdom at the community level. Traditionally Justice is an important domain of application of wisdom. Today this is even more true than ever. The implications for surpassing the artisanal in favour of an Applied Scientific Justice are here really challenging.


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Author Biographies

Fernard Vandamme, ICIWO vzw

Learning team, contributor on Knowledge Systems, Epistemology and Applied Epistemology, ICIWO vzw

Filip Muylle, VZW

Researcher Epistemology and Juridical Logicat Bikema VZW Leiekaai 25F Gent Belgium


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Vandamme, F., & Muylle, F. (2015). Wisdom and Justice from a Traditional, Artisanal Towards an Applied Scientific Justice. WISDOM, 5(2), 102–117. https://doi.org/10.24234/wisdom.v5i2.41