Vol. 15 No. 2 (2020): 2-2020

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The Armenian State Pedagogical University and the Editorial Board of WISDOM are delighted to present the 15th issue of the journal (the second one in 2020) to the scientific community. Both the previous and present issues of WISDOM were destined to be prepared under the variety of psychological and even physical turmoil caused by COVID 19 pandemic putting our endeavours to the test. Nowadays, more than ever, as we believe, any intellectual and creative in­dividual, in particular, grows more and more reliant on their own and other people’s wisdom in order to realise, perceive, comprehend, value, and generalise, under the current circumstances, the transformations occurring within their own and other people’s rationale, as well as, the activities and conduct stemming from the latter. Now we can only hope that the results of ongoing experiment-based explorations will enable the Natural Sciences to come up with the particular phi­losophical sensibility and interpretive prospects so that, while overcoming the unknowledgeable, the knowledge and the innovative means of gaining it could provide the humanity with shrewd behaviour together with level-headed ways of harmonious survival.

We are also pleased to inform of the two attainments that WISDOM has recently gained. First of all, having solved some technical issues, the Editorial Board and the periodical have been granted with membership within LOCKSS (The Global LOCKSS Network, see: https://www. lo­c­kss.org/join-lockss/networks/global-lockss-net­work) – a prominent platform that, from now on, will deposit the electronic version of our journal.

Moreover, the second accomplishment was announced on May 06, 2020: Scopus internati­o­nal scientometric database reckoned the Cite Sco­re Tracker for WISDOM – 0.2 – and the journal appeared as number 406 among 606 periodicals on Arts and Humanities: Philosophy (see: https://www.scopus.com/sourceid/2110087 3483).

Published: 2021-06-09