Vol. 3 No. 2 (2014): 2-2014

wisdom 3

This issue recaps articles and respective research outcomes covering awide range of issues related to the Theory of Philosophy, Epistemology, Methodology, Logic, Social Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy –consistently classified under pertinent categories. The Authors involved are representatives of both Armenian and foreign prominent higher education and other relevant academic institutions. Among them you will find both scholars of renowned academic creed and novices who have already exposed though initial but definite contribution to the field. This evinces Wisdom’scommitment to the vocation to serve as an open platform for disseminating the results of valuable scientific ideas and researches, instigating pertinent disputes on the issues raised, as well as supporting young scholars’ investigations, thus, making them available to the public.We would like to highlight the recent undertakings aimed at further internationalization and prospective development of the journal: (A) the Editorial Review Board has been privileged to incorporate Professor of Phi-losophy, Philosophy Department Chair of Southern Connecticut State University, Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Metaphilosophy, Foreign Member of the Armenian Philosophy Association Armen Marsoobian whose splendid and abiding career as editor of scientific publications –evidenced by the considerable Impact Factor of Metaphilosophy–will definitely endorse the success story of Wisdom. (B) The official webpage of Wisdom is already available in three languages (http://wisdomperiodical.com), together with other relevant information, detailing the manuscript review and final submission requirements and covering the pertinent contentbased and technical prerequisites aimed at a decent selection scrutiny. (C) The webpage provides the visitors with respective archived materials, i.e. the abstracts, key concepts, Biography details on the authors published in previous volumes. (D) The subscription details, successfully proceeding so far, are also available under corresponding webpage rubric.

Published: 2014-12-22

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