Vol. 5 No. 2 (2015): 2-2015

wisdom 5

On December 8, 2015 at the age of 89 passed away Chief Editor of the periodical, founder and president of the International Research Institute for Metaphilosophy, Transformational Logic and Theory of Argumentation, academician of NAS RA Georg Abel Brutian. The death of the renowned scientist is a great loss for both the science and the scientific community. The Department of Philosophy and Logic of Khachatur Abovyan Armenian Stet Pedagogical University assumed the scientific-research projects, organizational and publishing functions of the Institute and particularly the right to publish the periodical “Wisdom”.The Editorial of the periodical is determined to fulfill all the outlined and projected plans launched under the guidance of academician Brutian. Hereinafter the articles and scientific publications in the periodical will mostly be in English in order to be more accessible for the international community and educational institutions. The three-lingual (Armenian, Russian, English) webpage of the periodical will continue its activity and in the section “Archive of the Issues” will be included the abstracts and the summaries of the articles also in Armenian and English. This issue is devoted to 100th anniversary of Armenian Genocide carried out by the Ottoman Empire. The articles on the topic of genocide involve methodological analyses of the socio-philosophical, psychological, ethic and political viewpoints of the problem. The issue also includes sections covering philosophical, epistemological problems and issues of theory of argumentation. The present issue as well as the previous ones contains articles of prominent Armenian and foreign scientists well known among the international scientific community. Among them, you will also find not so famous but promising novices. “Wisdom” is true to its principles of guaranteeing pluralism over scientific issues and their comprehensive reflection. The authors have primary responsibility for the viewpoints presented in the articles and publications, which may not necessarily always coincide with those of the Editorial Board.

Published: 2015-12-20