Creative Potential of Humanism


  • Grigor ASATRYAN Humanism Problems Academy, Yerevan Northern University



humanism, civilization, creative potential, spiritual unity of the mankind, global problems of today, challenges of the new millennium, antipodes of humanism, confrontation, dehumanization, terrorism


The article analyzes the gist and certain specific features of contemporary humanism, reveals its creative and unifying potentials, and sheds light on the role it plays in solving the global problems the humanity faces in the current complicated and critical period of the development of civilization.


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Author Biography

Grigor ASATRYAN, Humanism Problems Academy, Yerevan Northern University

(Dr.) is the President of Humanism Problems Academy, Yerevan, Armenia; Vice-Rector of the Yerevan Northern University. His areas of interest include the humanism problem, questions of natural philosophy, issues of creation, structure and evolution of the universe, problems of the origin and classification of languages. Asatryan is the author of 2 monographs and 49 scientific articles. Recent publications: “Humanism in the Context of Problems of the New Millennium”, “Humanity of the French Educators of the 18th century”, “The Problem of Humanism in J.G.Fihte’s Philosophy”, “Antique Founder of the Academic Traditions: Platonian Philosophical Academy”.


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