The Problem of Motion in Microworld (a Transformational Analysis)


  • Mariam Gevorgyan



transformational logic, motion in the microworld, quantum electrodynamics, quark, photoelectric effect, wave-particle duality, nuclear forces


Transformational logic can be very help­ful for correcting the meaning and use of the con­cepts of space, time, and motion. The need of such research is especially acute when re­sear­ch­ing the phenomena of the microworld since one can’t use here such basic concepts as the inner spe­cial structure of microobjects and the concept of trajectory of elementary par­ticles that com­pose them. In this regard it should be useful to sug­gest a new interpretation for the principles of complementarity and correspond­dens in the light of the most recent dis­co­­veries in the physics of elementary particles as well as in the light of the transformational logic.


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