Existential Focus of Reality in “Silent Poetry”





“silent poetry", silence - naturalis silentio, silence - homo silentio, existentialism, aestheticism, time, loneliness


Ukrainian literature of the 1960-80s is notable for the creative achievements of the Sixtiers, the hermeticism of Kyiv school poetry, Samvydav activity, and dissident nonconformism, which was aesthetically enriched by the poetic movement of “silent poetry”. His creative practice involved a latent rejection of the political state, which imposed its ideological criteria on the culture. Poets continued to defend the right to creative self-realization, which gave impetus to the ideological and artistic formation of “silent poetry” by the efforts of I. Zhylenko, S. Yovenko, A. Kychynskyi, V. Pidpalyi, L. Skyrda, L. Talalai, P. Movchan, D. Cherednychenko and others, whose aesthetic dominants of creativity are characterized by existential, cordo-centric and natural philosophical motives. This generation was in search of an individual manner, expressed national consciousness and recognized the autonomy of the poet and art.


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Author Biographies

Olga SHARAGINA, Kyiv International University

PhD in Philology, Lecturer at the Department of Slavic Philology and General Linguistics, Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Scientific interest is the study of Ukrainian poetry of the second half of the XX century. She has got more than 20 scientific works. O. V. Sharagina is the author of the monograph “Phenomenon of Ukrainian “silent poetry” in the 60 – the 80s of the XX century”. Recent publications: “Poetic Modification of a Fairy Tale in the Poetry Reception of the Ethnographic Code of “Silent Poetry””, “Lyrical Interpretation of Ornithological Images in the Ethnographic Code of “Silent Poetry” of the 60 – the 80s of XX century”.

Tamara SHEVEL, Bogomolets National Medical University

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at Ukrainistics Department, Bogomolets National Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Her scientific interest is the investigation of Early Ukrainian Modernism, Ukrainian literature, history of Ukraine and Ukrainian culture, philosophy. She has got more than 50 scientific works. T. O. Shevel is a co-author of 10 scientific and methodological textbooks. Recent publications: “National Pathos of Ukrainian Modernist M. Voronyi’s Poetry”, “Musical Poetry of M. Voronyi”, “Cordocentric Dominant of the Poetic World of Mykola Voronyi”, “Reflections of New Artistic Trends of European Literature in Ukrainian Literature of the late ХІХ – early XX Century”.

Viktoria ALEKSANDRENKO , National Pedagogical Drahomanov University

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor at the Department of Ukrainian Literature, National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Her areas of interest include Ukrainian literature, theory of literature, literary hermeneutics, philosophy. V. Aleksandrenko is the author of 1 book and 20 scientific articles. Recent publications: “Semantic Analysis of the Prairie in the Flesh Fiction of Dmitry Markovich”, “Genre Diffusion of Short Fiction by D. Markovich (On the Example of Works “Unsuccessful”, “Brazilians”)”, “Modification of Small Prose Genres in Creativity D. Markovich and V. Vynnychenko (For Instance, on Works “Final”, “My Sleeping” D. Markovich and “Contrasts”, “Sunbeam” V. Vynnychenko)”.

Kateryna RYZHENKO, Kyiv International University

PhD in Philology, Department of Slavic philology and General linguistics, Kyiv International University, Kyiv, Ukraine. Her areas of interest include Ukrainian literature, theory of literature and philosophy. K. Ryzhenko is the author of 11 scientific articles. Recent publications: “Specificity of Authors Self – Expression in the Autobiographical Trilogy Panteleimon Kulish Memories of Childhood”, “Specifics of the Autobiography of the Novel “Vladimiriya” by Panteleimon Kulish”, “Autobiographical Discourse of Ukrainian Literature of the Second Half XIX Century”.


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