Religious Values in Modern Russian Society: A Philosophical Explication


  • Sergey ASTAPOV Southern Federal University
  • Alina KRASNOVA Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies, Southern Federal University



religious values, sociology of religion, value system of society, Russian Orthodox Church, Russian religious philosophy


This article analyses the results of sociological research on value orientations in modern Russian society, based on the philosophical explication of the concept of ‘value’. The analysis allows us to recognize that the significance of religious values in the value system of modern society depends on both – the goals of research and their methodological foundations. A philosophical understanding of the essence and nature of values is, therefore, central. Values are principles of a meaningful human life that give ideas about what is significant and important in one’s life, legitimising one’s activities as the realisation of one’s being. This article emphasises that the majority of respondents to the study, who belong to the Russian Orthodox Church, do not separate the confessional values from the moral values of traditional society. This tendency is also seen in the documents defining the social activities of the Church, although the division between confessional and moral values exists in the theology and religious philosophy of the Russian Orthodox Church. The authors of the article consider the essence and nature of values presented in Russian religious philosophy relevant to a religious worldview and assert the ontological, not moral, nature of values.


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Author Biographies

Sergey ASTAPOV, Southern Federal University

Dr. of Sciences in Philosophy, Professor, the Head of the Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies at Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. His research interests include philosophy of religion, religious studies, Russian religious philosophy. He has published above 150 articles. Recent publications: “Religious Ideology in the Post-secular Russian Society”, “The Theme of Religious Fanaticism in Ivan Ilyin’s Axioms of Religious Experience”.

Alina KRASNOVA, Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies, Southern Federal University

PhD in Philosophy, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy of Religion and Religious Studies at the Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies, Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Her areas of interest include philosophy of religion, Russian religious philosophy, psychology of religion, theology, existential philosophy. Krasnova is the author of 2 monographs and 38 scientific articles. Recent publication: “Psychological Features of the Religious Faith of Christians in Modern Russian Society”.


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