Compliment to a Compliment: An Analysis of the Speech Act of a Compliment


  • Lilit BRUTIAN Yerevan State University



speech act of a compliment, rhetorical, impact, effective communication, gender, intercultural


In the paper, an attempt is made to thoroughly analyse the speech act of a compliment as a rhetorical device. In particular, the value of compliments from the viewpoint of effective communication, as well as the motives of compliment making and accepting/non-accepting are being considered. In addition, the speech act of a compliment is analysed in the light of gender and intercultural similarities and differences. It is shown that with all the similarities in the functioning of the speech act of a compliment, there are essential differences that reflect the peculiarities in the mentality of the language bearers.


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Author Biography

Lilit BRUTIAN, Yerevan State University

Head of the Chair of Russian Linguistics, Typology and Theory of
Communication at the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Russian
Philology, Doctor of Sciences (in Philology), Professor


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