Philosophies of Social Behavior Research: Meta-Analytic Review


  • Vardgues POGOSYAN Russian state social university



variant, civilization, interaction, non-linearity, social behaviour, social action, structure, sub-methods, transformation


This essay addresses critical and cohesive research philosophies regarding social theory in an effort to increase awareness thereof social changes as well as considers the features of social behaviour through the prism of various methodological approaches. Using logical and comparative methods, the author analyzes the adequacy of the theoretical and philosophical foundations of the concept of social action for the modern situation. The circumstances that contribute to the structuring of social actions, as well as the relationship of social changes with the foundations of solidarity in different societies with their civilizational specifics, are determined. The author considers the implementation of the concrete fait accompli as the only possible variant under certain conditions from the whole range of potential prospects. Such revision of the theory of social action as well as the analyses of philosophical grounds of research approaches confirm the necessity of indispensable use the civilizational approach in additional to applied existing research tools to studying the local specifics. The research results redirects to non-universalized solutions of any social problems and to diversification in planning of development scenarios for different societies.


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Author Biography

Vardgues POGOSYAN, Russian state social university

Vardgues POGOSYAN (Dr.) is the Professor of the Department of Sociology of Russian State So-cial University, Moscow, Russia. His areas of interest include social theory, social philosophy, historical sociology, social anthropology. Poghosyan is the author of 4 monographs and 42 scientific articles. Re-cent publications: ―Sociocultural Determinism and Order Parameters‖, ―Second Modernity of Europe: "Reflexive" Development‖, ―Invariance of the Civilizational Matrix: the Culture Protection Function‖, ―Self-Organization of the Social System: Basic Methodological Approaches‖, ―Development Strategies of Modern Societies: Multi-Vector Trends‖ and ―Institutional Reconstruction: Complete Alteration?‖.


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