Retracted article: Power as a Factor of Educational and Sociocultural Processes




education, society, violence, personality, power


The article is retracted by the Editorial Team because of constituting plagiarism from the PhD dissertation of Alexander Kitarioglo “Pedagogicheskaya vlast’ v sovremennom obshchestve: Socialxno-filosofkii analiz (Pedagogical Power in the Modern Society: Social and Philosophical Analysis, in Russian),, 2017”.

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Author Biographies

Valeriya MELNIK, Donbas Pedagogical University

 (PhD of Science in Philosophy) is a Professor of the Department of Philosophy at Donbas Pedagogical University, Ukraine. Her research interests include social philosophy, social psychology, religious studies, existential psychology, political science. She is the author of 70 publications, methodological recommendations, textbooks on social psychology, philosophy. Recent publications: “Existential Freedom as a Manifestation of Human Identity”, “Political Fear as an Instrument of Power in Existential Philosophy”, “Neurotic Personality as a Sociocultural Phenomenon in Existential Psychology”, “Hermeneutic Character of Rebekah in Religion”.

Tetyana V. ANDRUSHCHENKO, Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music

(PhD, Dr. of Political Sciences) is a Professor, the Head of Political Psychology and International Relations Department, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine. She is the author of more than 100 publications. Among them are one-author manuals and text-books in co-authorship, scientific-analytical recommendations, methodological handouts, training practical programs. She is the active participant and organizer of All-Ukrainian and International Conferences.

Oksana SUSHKO, Donbas State Pedagogical University, Slovyansk

(PhD in Philology) is an Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language and Literature at Donbas State Pedagogical University, Slovyansk, Ukraine. Research interests - phraseology of official business style, pragmalinguistics, cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics. Oksana Sushko is the author of 86 scientific papers. Recent publications: “The Role of Phraseological Semantics of the Literary Text in the Process of Verbalization of Worldview”, “Linguistic Factor of Studying Human Mental Activity in the Context of Phraseological Semantics of Socio-Political Discourse”, “To the Problem of Conceptualization of the Image of Ukrainians in the Context of European Integration”.

Anna KOVALOVA, Donbas State Machine-Building Academy

(PhD in Philology) is Associate Professor of Language Training of Donbas State Machine-Building Academy (Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, Ukraine). Her research interests include the study of pragmalinguistics of artistic discourse, communicative linguistics, cognitive lexicology. Hanna Kovalova is the author of 35 scientific publications. Recent publications: “Pragmatic Potential of Verbs in the Linguistic-Communicative Organization of Bizarre Novels by E. Gutsal and O. Ilchenko”, “Comparatives as a Pragmatic Aspect of Forming a Picture of the World in the Humorous Discourse of E. Gutsal and O. Ilchenko”.

Tetiana I. ANDRUSHCHENKO, Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music

(PhD, Dr of Science in Philosophy) is a Professor, the Head of the Social Sciences Department, Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music. Her areas of interest include philosophy, aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of culture. She is the author of more than 150 publications. Recent publications: “The Philosophy of Culture: Basic Concepts, Notions, and Personalities”, “Aesthetic Phenomenon (Philosophical-Historical Analysis)”, “Aesthetic Problems in Culture”, “The Aesthetic (Study Guide for Educators)”.

Svitlana HOLOVKO, Donbas State Pedagogical University, Sloviansk

(PhD in Pedagogy) is Senior Lecturer of the Department of Accounting and Auditing at Donbas State Pedagogical University, Sloviansk, Donetsk region, Ukraine. She is the author of more than 20 publications. Recent publications: “Development of the Cognitive Component of Management Culture Manager”, “Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Introduction of Molding Technology Management Culture of Future Masters in Management in the Professional Process Training”.

Iryna RESHETOVA, Department of Management

(PhD in Pedagogy) is an Associate Professor of the Department of Management. The author of more than 60 publications. Recent publications: “Innovative Technologies of Educational Management”, “Using of System Computer Maxima by Teachers Preparing”, “Fear of Social Alienation of Love as Gender Characteristics”, “Directions for Improving the Management System of Higher Education Institutions”.



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