The Shy Stalinism


  • Will Poghosyan Professor at NAS RA International Scientific Educational Center



Shy Stalinism, Roosvelt, Stalin, Churchill, Putin, war hawks, prejudices, war of information, Liberal Communists, timocracy


The current mode of life in Russia combines the features of desperately daring steps in geopolitical domain with an amazing shyness of thought when facing the tiniest changes in theoretical constructs.
Today, crowds of laymen, officials and many “learned” dignitaries in the West and in the East face the need to reject the prejudices concocted using dirty data techniques. The time has come to release Stalin from the Nazi captivity and to reinstate his Membership within the Great Triplett of Roosevelt – Stalin – Churchill. The call for serious changes in the theoretical constructs has become a vital demand for the survival of mankind. Both the West and Russia have to act urgently. Periculum in mora.
As of today, having been brought to bay, the correct estimation of the genuinely large merits by Stalin before Motherland and Humanity is popping up irresistibly, as if it were a moth piercing through the pupa, dumping as a useless shell the prejudices like “Stalin equals Hitler”. This concerns primarily the evolution of the shy Stalinism by Putin. The time has come to update the judgments on Stalin at the governmental level. The bigotry by Brzezinski is to be terminated. The Destiny of Russia is at stake.


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Author Biography

Will Poghosyan, Professor at NAS RA International Scientific Educational Center

Professor at NAS RA International Scientific Educational Center, President of the International Academy for Philosophy, doctor of sciences (in philosophy)


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