Saint Gregory The Illuminator and Canons of Nicene Ecumenical Council


  • Nelli Petrosyan Armenian State Pedagogical University af. Kh. Abovyan



St. Gregory the Illuminator, ecumenical meeting, ''Nicene Creed'', Church fathers, canonization, Creed, confession, nature of God, S. Trinity, major axis


The Nicene Creed in the Armenian Apostolic Church is a stricter version of the Christian faith. Christian recites it as a confession of his faith. The article attempts to identify formulation origins of creed partly related with apostolic times. Next is presented, how in year 325 during the first ecumenical meeting convened in Nicaea the high-ranking fathers collected the items of Christian faith and gave the name of Nicene Creed or Creed. Gregory the Illuminator accepted the decisions of the Nicene creed and canonize that Creed in the Armenian Apostolic Church, however, unlike other Christian churches, add his own confession. In addition to that Creed, two more Creeds are canonized and stored in the Armenian Church. All of them express the nature and essence of God and Holy Trinity, which is the foundation and major axis of Christianity.


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Author Biography

Nelli Petrosyan, Armenian State Pedagogical University af. Kh. Abovyan

Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy and Logic, Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University


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