Existential-Ontological Manifestations of Time in Khrimian Hayrik’s Essay “Time and Its Essence”





Khrimian Hayrik, time, existence, ontology, presence, Constitution


The research aims to interpret the aesthetic-ideological references of Nation-State-Constitution-Con­sciousness-Right phenomena in Khrimyan Hayrik’s famous essay “Time and Its Essence” on the matrix basis of the constitutionality of time. In his work, I observe the problem is of the existential Presence and Being a man in the internal domain of time since presence (here and now), which is the participation in being: in the Presence of Present, Being is the possible presence. As detected in the course of the research, it is relevant in the context of philosophy, time of ontological manifestations (existential diversity), and chronotopic coordination of being.


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Author Biography

Naira HAMBARDZUMYAN, Institute of Literature after Manuk Abeghian, NAS RA

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Literature after Manuk Abeghian, NAS RA, Yerevan, Armenia.


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