Religious Features of the Radical Thinking


  • Andranik Stepanyan



radical religious thinking, radical theology, Death of God theology, postmodern theology, positive radical thinking, immanent significance of religion, negative atheism and positive atheism


As a form of thinking, radical thinking by its nature can be secular, religious, political and cul­tural. This article examines the forms of the radical thinking in the Western Civilization. Radical thin­king as well as radical approaches and ideas have had unique, distinctive and crucial significance for the humankind in general and particularly for the specific era. Having unique, peculiar characteristics, the radical thinking almost always expressed it’s a­ttitude towards the phenomena, problem or crisis, whether visionary or ideological, religious or moral, socio-economic or political that arose in a society at a concrete time. Radical thinking is a new atti­tude, a new reaction, a new approach to a given problem or crisis, it tries to approach to a given si­tuation in a new way, to give a new solution to the old or new problems and to find a unique and radi­cally distinctive answer to the questions that has al­ways interested the humankind. Radical thinking, either secular or religious by its nature, is prog­ressive, even revolutionary.


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