Civilization – Progression or Regression?


  • Mane Khachibabyan



civilization, evolution, progression, regression, nature, human dissolution, cyborg


This paper is aiming to raise the awareness of the readers to think about the world they are living in and encourages them to effectively se­pa­rate the progression from regression. The wri­­ting is based on analysis of the pictures which accurate­ly help the reader to get the ma­in points and ideas. Nothing can be more effect­tive and obvious for people to get the right point then an immediate visual reference.  By re­ferring to the different works or sayings of Aristotle, Plato, Einstein and Goodfrey-Reggio I tried to highlight and bring the attention of the audience to the actual dangers that exist in our world that can very soon cause a dissolution of human race, because of ongoing progression and greediness. People always tend to progress and get much more civilized then they are and on their way they never take a mo­ment to think about the side effects and regres­sive con­seq­uen­­ces. The success causes blindness and ma­kes people more avaricious. Accordingly, we need to take a pause and by analyzing all of the nega­tive side-effects of ongoing progression try to save the planet from being destroyed.


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