Advanced Scientometric Databases as an Objective Criterion of Scientific Activities


  • Ashot Gevorgyan Armenian State Pedagogical University af. Kh. Abovyan



Web of Science, Scopus, journal, citation, scientometric databases


The article is devoted to the analysis of some of the features and characteristics of the most popular database systems: Web of Science and Scopus; as well as to the study of the improvement of the qualitative aspects of scholarly journals considering their requirements the given systems put forth. It touches upon the ideas that scholarly journals should oversee their quality and care for their academic reputation which will inevitably result in the increase of quality citations and a positive change in their scientometric sta­tus.
In conclusion, the article states: the 2 databases prove that despite all the shortcomings, the operating mechanism that evaluates journals, as well as gets regulated and determined by the number of citations, remains the only tool providing a more or less objective criterion that guides academic and related institutions during the process of evaluating researchers or the quality of researches.


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Author Biography

Ashot Gevorgyan, Armenian State Pedagogical University af. Kh. Abovyan

Associate professor of the Philosophy and Logic Department, Khachatur Abovian Armenian State Pedagogical University, PhD in Philosophy, Managing Editor of the periodical “Wisdom”


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