Surrealism Between Psychological Investigation And Artistic Commitment


  • Lucio GIULIODORI Rudn University
  • Aisana BOLDYREVA People's Friendship University of Russia
  • Anna BOBUNOVA RUDN University
  • Vladislav BORANENKOV RUDN University



Surrealism, Paintings, Contemporary Art, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art, Psychology, Unconscious


Deciphering the mysteries of the unconscious was one of the central aims of Surrealists who, in order to achieve this goal, experimented with the most different techniques. The unconscious, displaying the contents that then can be painted, turned to be both a way to embark on an inner exploration and a source of creativity.

My paper firstly sheds light onto this marriage of art and psychology which, in Surrealism, harmoniously blended generating a fascinating and fruitful combination between creation and self-creation - art as a tool of self-knowledge and even inner evolution is one of the main consequences.

Lastly this study examines the surrealist scene today, considering how and why, through the decades, the painters’ aims changed and why we should or shouldn’t still call them “Surrealists”.


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Author Biographies

Lucio GIULIODORI, Rudn University

Lucio GIULIODORI (PhD, Dr. of Science in Philosophy) is Senior Lecturer of Italian at People‟s Friendship‟s University, Moscow, Russia. His areas of interest include the avant-gardes, Italian studies and perennial philosophy. He is the author of about thirty scientific articles. Recent publications:“Umbrian Futurist landscapes: Gerardo Dottori‟s Aeropainting”, “Paintings and hallucinations: Giorgio De Chirico‟s aura”, “In search of the Self, through paintings-beyond paintings: Dino Valls”.


Aisana BOLDYREVA, People's Friendship University of Russia

Aisana BOLDYREVA is a teacher at People's Friendship University of Russia, Department of Foreign Languages, Agrarian Technological Institute. Studied translation and interpretation at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. Member of volunteer organization People to People International and had an experience in participating in different culture exchanging meetings and conferences abroad.

Anna BOBUNOVA, RUDN University

Anna BOBUNOVA (Master degree in the field of linguistics and teaching, graduated from Far East State University, Vladivostok, Russia, 2012)She worked as a teacher at public schools, private companies and colleges. Currently she is a Senior Lecturer at RUDN University, Department of Foreign Languages, Agrarian Technological Institute, Moscow Russia.Publications: Integration of linguistic and aesthetic education: an integrated cultural approach for teaching medical English, New York, USA, ACM, 2019.Development of middle school students’ moral qualities and aesthetic features in e-learning language courses, Padova, Italy, Libreriauniversitaria. it. edizioni, 2018.The use of Moodle in teaching a foreign language: development of moral and aesthetic qualities of students, Valencia, Spain, IATED, 2018.She is interested in the development of moral qualities of ESL learners and integration of ICT and linguistics. Ms. Bobunova is a member of the committee conducting linguistic competitions among Moscow secondary school  


Vladislav BORANENKOV, RUDN University

Vladislav BORANENKOV is a English and French languages teacher at RUDN University, Department of Foreign Languages, Agrarian Technological Institute, Russia. Graduated at Moscow State Linguistic University, Russia - graduated with distinction. He focuses on Foreign Language Teaching Methods, Translation Theory and Practice, Linguistics, Cross-cultural Communication.



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GIULIODORI, L., BOLDYREVA, A. ., BOBUNOVA, A. ., & BORANENKOV, V. . (2020). Surrealism Between Psychological Investigation And Artistic Commitment. WISDOM, 14(1), 167–174.